Homvery solved two problems that evening

It was almost 7 in the evening. 

We got a message saying “My Parents live in Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar. Having some electrical issues with the inverter and there is no electricity in our house. I am out of town and we need an electrician to fix the issue! Can you guys do it now?” 

She was in a hurry coz her parents couldn’t call anyone to fix the situation and it was getting dark. 

“Not to worry ma’am, Our services are available in Bhubaneswar, we will send an electrician, we got you covered.” 

“Thank god, I was wondering if you can send an electrician fast. And….yes, I don’t want the money to be taken from my parents. Can you just send the invoice to me directly, so I can pay directly whatever the price you quote.”?She added.

We confirmed the booking after that conversation. 

We assigned and sent an electrician to their place just within an hour of the message. He analyzed the problem. Checked the requirements for One broken part to be replaced. 

We shared the invoice(Charges+parts) with her and she agreed to the repair. Electrician did his job and it was all sorted within 2 hours of the message. She paid directly through UPI as she wanted to pay for the job. 

When we were leaving from the office at 10, we got a message saying, “Wasn’t expecting a response but was surprised by the Quick Solution that you provided. Really thank you for saving my parents from the dark. Thank you Homvery” 

At the end of the day, it was a nice moment for us.

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