Restless With The Switching on & off of Water Pump and Motors

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Have I told you about my amazing Home automation journey by automating my water filling through a smart water controller of Homvery?

My name is Rashmi, and I take immense pride in maintaining my house and garden. However, filling the water tank that supplied water to my garden’s irrigation system and my home was one aspect that always gave me trouble. It was a manual task, and I constantly switched the water pump on and off. I’ll be honest, I often forgot to turn it off, leading to unnecessary water overflow and wastage, higher electricity bills, and sometimes, a flooded garden. Sometimes because of it my house got short-circuited and had to rewire all the water pumps and systems. 

 I decided to find a solution that would make my life easier and my garden greener. That’s when I stumbled upon the Homvery Smart Water Controller. It was promising an automated system to manage my water tank filling process and provide a consistent water supply to my house and my plants.

 I wasted no time and ordered my  Homvery Smart Water Controller. As soon as it arrived, Homvery technicians readily installed it, and I can confirm that it delivers to its promise. The controller was sleek and user-friendly, making installation a breeze. Got connected to the water pump and the tank, and with a few simple steps, I programmed it to fill the tank to the desired level. From that moment on, my Home experience changed for the better.

Gone were the days of rushing outside to switch off the pump, fearing a mess or wasted water. The Homvery Smart Water Controller was a game-changer. It monitored the water level in the tank and automatically shut off the pump when the tank was full. And when the water level dropped, the controller sensed it and turned on the pump to refill the tank. It was like magic, a seamless and efficient process that I had always wished for.

The impact was astounding. My electricity bills decreased significantly, and my garden blossomed like never before. With a consistent water supply, my plants thrived, showing off vibrant colours and healthy foliage. Best of all, I had more time on my hands, which I could now spend doing things I loved, like enjoying my beautiful garden, pursuing hobbies, or simply relaxing with my family.

The Homvery Smart Water Filling Controller wasn’t just a time-saver; it was an eco-friendly solution too. By precisely controlling the water filling process, it minimized water wastage, which was not only great for my wallet but also the environment.

I will definitely recommend the smart water controller by Homvery. It was one of the best decisions I have taken recently for my Home automation process. You should Install it too.

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